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Soy-baked trout

Soy-baked trout

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Soy-baked trout

With fragrant ginger, chilli and lime

With fragrant ginger, chilli and lime

Serves 2

Cooks In15 minutes

DifficultyNot too tricky

Nutrition per serving
  • Calories 203 10%

  • Fat 5.2g 7%

  • Saturates 0g 0%

  • Sugars 8.9g 10%

  • Salt 1.7g 28%

  • Protein 26.9g 54%

  • Carbs 12.3g 5%

  • Fibre 0.4g -

Of an adult's reference intake


  • 2 x 130 g trout fillets
  • 4 cm piece of ginger
  • 6 spring onions
  • 1 red chilli
  • 1 small bunch of coriander (15g)
  • 2 tablespoons low-salt soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons mirin
  • 1 lime


  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F/gas 4. Place the trout fillets in a snug-fitting baking dish.
  2. Peel and finely grate the ginger. Trim and cut the white parts of the spring onions into 5cm pieces, reserving the green parts. Finely chop the chilli and coriander stalks, reserving the coriander leaves. Place everything into a small bowl, then add the soy sauce and mirin and mix well. Pour the sauce over the trout fillets, then pop in the oven and bake for 10 to 12 minutes, until the fish is just cooked through and the flesh is flaking.
  3. Remove the trout from the oven and transfer to plates. Carefully pour the cooking juices back into the bowl and finely grate in half of the lime zest and squeeze in half the juice. Mix well.
  4. Finely slice the green parts of the spring onions, then scatter them over the trout, along with the coriander leaves, and drizzle over the sauce. Serve with steamed rice or freshly cooked noodles, Asian greens and lime wedges.

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