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Christmas cookies and Christmas trees

Christmas cookies and Christmas trees

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From all the ingredients a dough is formed which is kept in the fridge for 2 hours, then on a plate lined with flour cut shapes with the help of a round glass, and for the fir tree with the help of a fir shape and bake on the back of the tray for 15 -20min.

Cream: froth butter with sugar, add cocoa and ground walnuts and a tablespoon of rum essence

For the fir cream: melt the chocolate together with the cream and butter, mix well and leave to cool.

The cookies and fir trees are filled with cream and powdered with sugar and garnished according to your preferences.

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Fir cones from cookies, Christmas cookies. Pffffiu, how long did it take me to search and index these Christmas cookies!

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- 200 g butter
- 110 old powder
- 1 ou
- 300 g flour
- 20 g of starch
- vanilla essence
- grated lemon peel (or any other flavors)

I baked them at the right heat, not too much so as not to change their color. Then I thought of making them look like some real Christmas trees, I colored the dough green and decorated them with some sugar beads, as globules, after which I put them in the oven.

Cute firs, cute!

Christmas cookies and fir trees - Recipes

The holidays are approaching and the time is coming for these Christmas trees that I really like and look very good among the Christmas sweets.
I have been asked many times about the recipe of these fir trees. I don't have a specific recipe for them. usually when on holidays I make several kinds of cakes, to make them look good I straighten their edges, then I put those edges in a bowl and mix them with ground walnut, cocoa, rum to taste, crushed biscuits, melted butter to link the composition. knead them all and add powdered sugar to taste.
From this composition you can make candies in which a cherry is placed in the middle and then they are given through walnut or coconut, I like to make these fir trees instead of candies.
I don't know where the shape is, mine is very old, I got it from my mother. it's like a glass with streaks inside and at the end it has a hole, I sprinkle caster sugar on it, I put a piece of it in the composition, I press and then I blow a little through that hole or I knock it on the table to get the fir tree out.

I'm going to write a candy recipe from an older sweets book, they're called cocoa truffles and I say they can be made into fir trees. I haven't tried the recipe but it can help someone.

500 g biscuits, 400 g nuts, 100 g cocoa, 4 eggs, 500 g powdered sugar, 200 g butter, rum, cherries, 150 ml water.
Rub eggs with sugar, add cocoa and water, then put on the fire and mix continuously until the composition thickens. After thickening, remove from the heat, put the butter, ground nuts and crushed biscuits and mix well. , at the end add rum to taste.
The composition is put in the cold and after it has hardened, candies the size of a walnut are formed, in which a cherry is placed. It is powdered with cocoa or given through walnut or coconut.
Here I am with the Rafael candies, I will come with their recipe.


looks great! very nice your idea. we only lack the form. kiss you.

Keep waiting for the holidays like this! The Christmas trees are very beautiful! You have a very lucky family.

Very nice your fir trees / Too bad I don't have a shape ..
kiss you

Good to see you Lissa1
Your Christmas trees aroused my curiosity, because last year I bought a plastic form, something similar and I didn't know what I could do with it.
Well, now it's yours and thank you very much.
I wish you much luck and happy holidays.

With you on Blo & # 180g it's a pülavcere to enter, but also a great risk. So many appetizing wonders. congratulations.
With friendship and respect
Laura S.

how glad I am to have found the recipe. I also have an identical shape from my mother (only the recipe was missing)

Looks very good. Congratulations.

Thanks Giovanna, if I could find the shape I'd buy you one, I'll kiss you.

Bianca, I'm glad you like it, as I wrote above to Giovanna, I'll look at the shape and if I find it by chance, I'll let you know.

Laura, I am very happy with your visit.
Thanks for the congratulations and I'm still waiting for you at my place.
Many kisses.

Alina, how good you are in shape, she looks really good among the Christmas cakes.

A fabulous job, a kiss.

how sweet are so matched with Rafaello balls, as Giovana said, too bad we don't have the shape, I would like to have the Nuts one too, a pleasant Sunday

It looks really nice!
I also made the composition in the form of candies from some leftovers from cake tops. They are very good.

The fir trees are very good. Before removing the firs from the form, you can make a small hole in the base, in which you put a little cream - butter with powdered sugar - then cover with the composition. I haven't seen any shapes to buy, I know that in the past they were made in lathes at different factories.

It looks insane, but it's a shame I don't have such shapes.

I can't believe it, I used to make these Christmas trees with my mother every year for Christmas. what a pleasant surprise to see them here.
There is still talk of shape, our shape was made by my father on the lathe about 20 years ago.

Recipe: Christmas trees

Ingredients for Christmas trees
& # 8211 300 gr simple biscuits, 300 ml milk, 5 tablespoons sugar, 3 tablespoons cocoa, 3 rum essences, ½ packet of butter, 100 gr green coconut, silver candies for decoration

Preparation of cookies for Christmas trees
Mix all the ingredients for the cookies and knead a suitable hard dough. Spread a sheet and cut the cookies with a round glass. Put them in a tray and put them in the oven.

Preparation of Christmas trees
The biscuits are ground through a meat grinder. Put the milk, sugar, margarine and cocoa in a saucepan and put them on the fire until they melt. Allow to cool, then add the rum essence. This composition is poured over the biscuits and mixed very well. From the biscuit cream, fir cones are formed with a diameter of the base as in the cookies you made before. Roll in green coconut and garnish with silver candy. Grease the fir trees at the base with a little jam and stick to the cookies.