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If you like that sweet treat – try this!

If you like that sweet treat – try this!

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For when that sweet tooth strikes, try switching up your typical Georgetown routine. You can’t go wrong with any of these places–I know I wouldn’t turn down a trip to any of them.

If you’re craving Pink Berry, try Thomas Sweets.

Photo by Scott Harrington

Although Thomas Sweets is generally not as healthy as froyo, the walk up Wisconsin will balance it out, right? T-sweets–the hot spot’s notorious nickname–is a mecca for ice-cream fanatics,with over 50 flavors to choose from and an equally wide selection of possible toppings including fudge, candies and chocolates.

If you’re headed to Paul, try Le Pain Quotidien.

Photo by Scott Harrington

Both of these bakeries serve breakfast a la carte, and they are a great place to stop by if you need to grab latte or artisan pastry. Like Paul, Le Pain Quotidien has an array of crusty breads, classic baked goods, fresh pressed orange juice, tasty egg dishes and gourmet sandwiches.Yet Le Pain Quotidien might trump Paul in terms of aesthetic appeal with more seating area and a plethora of sweet spreads on each table.

If you’re in the mood for Pie Sisters, try Olivia Macaron.

Photo by Scott Harrington

Yes, these places specialize in completely different baked goods, but when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, the effect of each is the same. Both have a wide variety of choices and flavors, are slightly expensive, beg to be Instagram-ed and most importantly are totally worth it.

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